Carin Mac Cana

New Work

"Inner Lives" @ Town Hall Gallery, Macroom, Co. Cork. Group show with work by Alice Maher, Carin Mac Cana, Michael Beirne, Austin McQuinn, Pat Looby & Catherine Lynch. Cork Arts Council July 2nd until July 31 2010.

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Contortionist, graphite on paper.

"...some small inhuman world is being studied in detail, and that the suggestive polymorphisms, carefully given visibility by the pencil's illusionism, relate to the objects and living beings of the daylight world as viscera relate to the outward, public appearance of human beings. They are real, but "obscene", that is something part of whose nature is to be hidden away. And whereas the apparent world is one of finished entities in particular states, these forms belong to a world of metamorphosis and fluidity."

Fergal Gaynor 2010
Writer and Independent Scholar